Intus Care Announces $3.1M In Funding To Support Scale-Up Of Predictive Analytics Platform For Geriatric Populations


April 20, 2022, Providence, RI – Intus Care, developer of an innovative predictive analytics platform designed for geriatric health, has secured $3.1 million in growth capital. The investment round included Preface VenturesJumpstart Nova and Collab CapitalConcrete Rose CapitalBrown Angel GroupGreen Egg Ventures, and strategic angel investor Brynn Putnam. Notably, Marcus Whitney, managing partner of Jumpstart Nova, and Jewel Burks Solomon, managing partner of Collab Capital, provided instrumental support for Intus Care’s mission. The company enables care providers to mitigate preventable high-utilization events, track quality interventions, and equip healthcare management teams with vital actionable insights to make informed decisions for senior patients to improve their health outcomes. This is the second round of seed funding for Intus Care, which previously raised $2.3M, bringing their total to $5.4M.

“Intus Care is doing something important and truly unique in the way they empower elder care providers with the data necessary to improve the quality of care they can deliver,” said Marcus Whitney, founding partner of Jumpstart Nova. “We’re proud to invest in such a passionate and knowledgeable team with a technology that’s already exhibiting its ability to reduce hospitalizations and complications for senior citizens.”

Intus Care was founded in 2019 by a team of Brown University undergraduates, who went on to graduate in 2021 after taking a hiatus to gain real-world work experience in various areas of eldercare. Its mission is to empower geriatric care providers through data to deliver more effective patient management and treatment for dual-eligible seniors — some of the most socially vulnerable and clinically complex people in the U.S. Its digital healthcare platform integrates with electronic health records, claims, and accounting software to highlight clinical risks in patients and display organizational data. This offers a holistic view of each patient in an organization, allowing healthcare teams to better plan, manage, and provide quality care to the most vulnerable senior populations in our communities.

“We’re so pleased to have esteemed investors who, like us, recognize the importance of ensuring that underserved seniors receive the quality care that they need and deserve,” said Robbie Felton CEO and co-founder, of Intus Care. “With their financial backing, Intus Care will advance our technology footprint and expand our services to better enable PACE organizations, nursing homes, long-term care facilities, and other elder care providers to enter a new era in applying data-driven predictive analytics to prevent avoidable hospitalizations and health complications.”

To date, Intus Care has gained notable traction and success in the eldercare space as the first-of-its-kind data platform to specialize in PACE and Medicare-Medicaid integrated program quality management, incorporating proprietary data models and integrating APIs. It is currently supporting PACE plans in seven states. A 60-patient Michigan-based PACE Program implemented the Intus Care platform in 2021 and saved ~$147,000 in three months by reducing its inpatient admission rate by 54%. Intus Care has recently entered a Letter of Understanding with the National Pace Association to pursue a strategic partnership, which will further its ability to help programs across the country improve the care they can provide.

“The investors we have at the center of this fundraising round will add perspectives and expertise across a multitude of sectors that will be valuable as we continue to work towards our ultimate goal of enabling all dual-eligible patients in the country to receive the best care possible,” said Evan Jackson, chief operating officer, Intus Care. “We appreciate our investors’ support and are proud of how far our company has come since our early days while still students at Brown University.”

The latest investment round will position the company to maximize greater technological opportunities through data, honing product strategy that will support a major scale-up of their current service offerings. They also plan to grow their human capital by attracting, hiring, and retaining strong talent committed to their mission.

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